Organic Food

An Organic Glossary of Acronyms

AAFCAgriculture & Agri-Food Canada
ABAccreditation Board
ACAAFAdvancing Canadian Agriculture & Agri-Food Program
ACBAccredited Certification Body
ACORNAtlantic Canada Organic Regional Network
BCACBritish Columbia Agriculture Council
BCARABritish Columbia Association for Regenerative Agriculture
BCCOPBritish Columbia Certified Organic Program
BCMABritish Columbia Ministry of Agriculture
BMPBest Management Practices
BOPABoundary Organic Producers Association
CABConformity Assessment Body (aka CB)
CAEQCommittee on Accredition for Evaluation of Quality
CAPACanadian Agricultural Products Act
CARTVLe Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (Quebec Accreditation)
CBCertification Body
CCCertification Committee
CBSACanadian Border Services Agency
CCMECanadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
CENCanadian Environment Network
CFIACanadian Food Inspection Agency
CGSBCanadian General Standards Board
COACommittee for Organic Agriculture (prev. CGSB's Technical Committee)
COABCCertified Organic Associations of British Columbia
COGCanadian Organic Growers
COOCanada Organic Office
CORCanada Organic Regime
CORPCanadian Organic Retailing Practices
COSCanadian Organic Standards
COSTCanadian Organic Standards Training
CSACommunity Supported Agriculture / Community Shared Agriculture
CSICentre for Systems Integration
CVBConformity Verification Body (aka Accreditation Body)
CWBCanadian Wheat Board
DFAITDepartment of Foreign Affairs & International Trade
DMIDry Matter Intake
EEC / EUEuropean Economic Community / European Union
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization
FVOFarm Verified Organic (North Dakota aka ICS)
FVOPAFraser Valley Organic Producers Association (CB)
GE / GMOGenetic Engineering / Genetically Modified Organism
GMOGenetically-Modified Organism
GOGoing Organic (AB umbrella group)
GOAGlobal Organic Alliance
GPMS General Principles & Management Standards
HACCPHazards Analysis & Critical Control Points
IAFInternational Accreditation Forum
IAFBCInvestment Agriculture Foundation of BC
ICSInternational Certification Services (aka FVO)
IFOAMInternational Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
IOASInternational Organic Accreditation Service
IOIAInternational Organic Inspectors Association
IOPAIslands Organic Producers Association
ISEALInternational Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling Alliance
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
KOGSKootenay Organic Growers Association
LEOGALiving Earth Organic Producers Association
MCLMaximum Contaminant Levels
MOAManitoba Organic Alliance
MRLMaximum Residue Limits
NOAINon-Organic Agricultural Ingredients
NOOANorth Okanagan Organic Association
NOPNational Organic Program (of the USDA)
NOSBNational Organic Standards' Board (under USDA)
NSFNational Sanitation Foundation
OAOrganic Alberta
OACCOntario Agriculture Centre of Canada
OCIAOrganic Crop Improvement Association (International)
OCOOrganic Council of Ontario
OCPOrganic Control Point
OC/PROOCPP / Pro-Cert Canada
OCQVQuébec Vrai
OFCOrganic Federation of Canada
OFCMOrganic Food Council of Manitoba
OFPAOrganic Food Production Act
OGDOther Governmental Departments
OMRIOrganic Materials Review Institute
OPAMOrganic Producers' Association of Manitoba
OPROrganic Products Regulation
OSMDIOrganic Sector Market Development Initiative (eg. CWB)
OSPOrganic System Plan (aka Organic Plan)
OTAOrganic Trade Association
OTCOOregon Tilth Certified Organic
OVCRTOrganic Value Chain Roundtable
PACSPacific Agricultural Certification Society
PGSParticipatory Guarantee Systems
PMRAPest Management Regulatory Agency
PSLPermitted Substances List
PWGSCPublic Works and Government Services Canada
QAQuality Assurance
QAIQuality Assurance International
QCQuality Control
QMIQuality Management Institute's QMI Organic Inc.
QM/QMSManual Quality Management Systems Manual
SAASustainable Agriculture Association
SCCStandards Council of Canada
SICStandards Interpretation Committee (of the COO)
SODSaskatchewan Organic Directorate
SOOPASimilkameen Okanagan Organic Producers Association
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
STOPAShuswap Thompson Organic Producers Association
URECUnavoidable Residual Environmental Contamination
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
VOVerification Officers (CB Inspectors)
Certification process jargon
CACorrective Action
MIMissing information
OCPOrganic Compliance Plan
OSPOrganic Systems Plan
NCNon conformity
USCOEAUS Can Organic Equivalency Agreement