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BC Organic Grower
Organic Tree Fruit Management
Organic Livestock Handbook

BC Organic Grower

BC Organic Grower is received by all members of the organizations belonging to the Certified Organic Association of British Columbia. BC Organic Grower is published Quarterly by COABC.

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Organic Tree Fruit Management

Written by Linda Edwards, the OTFM guide will assist the beginning and the experienced grower as well as the conventional grower considering organic methods. The conventional farmer in transition to organic methods or considering organic growing as an option will find numerous references to what potential problems may arise during and how to deal with these. OTFM cover organic pest and disease management, information on soil fertility and nutrition in tree fruits, management tools available to the organic grower, etc.
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Organic Tree Fruit Management

Organic Field Crop Handbook

This publication is SOLD OUT. If you wish copies of this manual please refer to the COG website

Enlarged and re-written Second Edition. Following the success of the first edition of The Organic Field Crop Handbook, COG has re-written the first edition, revising information and adding many new chapters. The book is a practical reference guide for both organic field crop farmers and conventional farmers who are considering making the transition to organic farming.

The handbook contains updated information on growing methods, organic certification and the economics of organic farming in Canada.

Organic Field Crop Handbook

Organic Livestock Handbook 2nd Edition NEW RELEASE

Authors Laura Telford and Anne Macey, have fully revised the 2nd edition of the Organic Livestock Handbook to reflect the Canadian Organic Standards and latest research on organic livestock production. You will find details on production practices as well as tips and techniques for transitioning to organic. This edition also contains profiles of Canada’s most successful organic livestock operations and interviews with real-world advice from experienced farmers. Whether you aspire to go organic or you’re already an organic farmer, you’ll want to have this comprehensive guide to organic livestock production at your side. .

Sections Include:

  1. General Principles
  2. Management Tools
  3. Livestock Types:
    • Dairy
    • Beef Cattle
    • Sheep
    • Goats
    • Pigs
    • Poultry

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Organic Livestock Handbook