Organic Food

COABC - Marketing Toolkit

Who Needs Marketing?

Everyone! COABC members vary widely in type, size and desire for market growth.

Answer “yes” to any of the questions below, and you don’t need to worry about marketing:

  • Are you completely happy with your organic business?
  • Do you produce and sell as much as you want?
  • Do you have a solid and reliable customer base?
  • Can you rely on this continuing at the pace you like for years to come?

If, you didn’t answer “yes” to those questions, then this marketing toolkit is for you. The toolkit is a smorgasbord of tips, techniques, suggestions and ideas for making the organic product producing cycle work smoothly.

Although the organic food market in BC is growing, our neighbours to the south are well aware of the opportunities in the Canadian market.

The challenge is to trumpet the benefits of going British Columbia Certified Organic!

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