Organic Food

COABC - Marketing Toolkit

Retail Display Tips

Customers can be overwhelmed by the selection of merchandise presented to them at farmers’ markets and fairs.

Good presentation can grab and hold their attention!

Try these tips:

  • Good lighting - well lit produce attracts customers’ attention and shows off rich colours of fresh produce.
  • Use display fixtures that are attractive, and experiment with levels to create the sense of abundance.
  • Use colour - on signs, back drops, display bins. Add splashes of complementary colours like red and orange to catch the consumer’s eye. Use flags or pendants to create movement and attract attention.
  • Hand written signs look great if they are neat and consistent - consider professional sign writers, or practice first using templates or stencils to do-it-yourself.
  • Create a uniform look for your stall and staff - have t-shirts with your logo, or wear the same coloured aprons. Make sure signs, packaging and shelving create a character, ‘brand’ or atmosphere for your business.

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