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BC Certified Organic Conference 2021

Saturday February 27th and Sunday February 28th, 2021
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Old meets new: the 2021 Conference Podcast

A very popular aspect of our annual conference is the series of workshops and seminars offered throughout the conference weekend. In their place, we’re producing an ambitious audio series that we will release to ticket-holders one month ahead of the official conference weekend of February 27th & 28th. There will be 20+ episodes, and you’ll be able to download or stream these at your own pace, and listen sitting down or on the move. With this series we aim to cover the same range of topics you’ve come to enjoy at our regular conferences.

At our online gathering on February 28th, we plan to invite a few of the podcast guests to answer questions. We’ll base those invitations on feedback from all of our listeners. Speaking of podcast guests, see below for a summary of what we’ve got planned!

Considering A Small Farm Future: An interview with Chris Smaje

An interview with author and farmer Chris Smaje, whose recently published book, A Small Farm Future, makes the case for a society built around local economies, self-provisioning, agricultural diversity, and a shared earth.

On-Farm Livestock Necropsy Advice

Rancher Tristan Banwell speaks with Veterinary Pathologist Glenna McGregor of the BC Ministry of Ag’s Animal Health Centre about on farm necropsy, and about the role the Animal Health Centre plays in the prevention, control and management of animal pests and diseases in British Columbia

Research Roundup

Two or three episodes of the podcast will feature conversations with researchers about their work on various aspects of the food and farming sector. You’ll hear about recent science on wireworm control, the use of berry-pomace-as-antibiotic in poultry feed, diverse cover crop systems in vineyards, consumer behaviour during the pandemic, emerging insights about parasitic wasps, and so much more!

A Conversation with Charles Massey

Rancher Tristan Banwell in conversation with Charles Massey, author of Call of the Reed Warbler and renowned regenerative farmer. Tristan will ask Charles to situate the organic movement’s role in avoiding ecological collapse, and to share success stories from around the world.

Updates to the Organic Tree Fruit Management Manual

Orchardist Molly Thurston interviews orchardist Linda Edwards and Entomologist Tamara Richardson about their collaboration to update the previous version of Linda’s Organic Tree Fruit Management manual. Tragically, Linda died the day after providing this interview. This manual represents just one part of her immense contribution to the organic industry here in BC and beyond. We plan to produce an additional episode to highlight those contributions. Our condolences go to Linda’s family and friends.

Organic Standards Updates

A few of the episodes in this series will be focused on updates to organic standards, and some Q&A around the standards and their interpretation.

Wholesale Buyer Perspectives

Conversations with various wholesale buyers in the BC supply chain about trends in consumer behaviour and advice for initiating and expanding relationships with wholesale buyers.

Restaurant Buyer Perspectives

Advice from chefs on landing and keeping restaurant accounts.

Online Sales Platform Review

The pandemic has forced many producers to shift some or all of their sales online. In this episode we’ll talk about some of your options for online sales platforms, and what to consider before committing.

Soil Test Advice & Interpretation

Taking regular soil samples is a great way to keep tabs on the health of your most precious resource! In this episode we’ll talk about soil sampling, and how to interpret your lab results.

Orchard Soil Health & Industry Trends: A Conversation with David Granatstein

Orchardist Molly Thurston interviews David Granatstein, recently retired Professor Emeritus at Washington State University. David served as a sustainable agriculture specialist for over two decades, with a focus on orchard management<

The Regenerative Organic Certified Standard

A conversation with Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Association, which oversees the Regenerative Organic Certified program. This new standard requires organic certification as a prerequisite, then adds additional requirements related to soil & land management, animal welfare, and social justice. Is this ‘beyond organic’ development the way the industry is headed? Elizabeth shares her perspective.

Seeds Seeds Seeds

Our podcast will feature conversations with Keeley Nixon, Executive Director of the BC Eco Seed Co-op; Dan Brisebois, author and co-owner of La Ferme Tournesol Seeds in Quebec, and BC Seed Grower Sal Dominelli of Sweet Rock Farm.

Climate Change Mitigation in the Context of BC’s Unique Food System

Food Security Activist Abra Brynne interviews Darrin Qualman, Director of Climate Crisis Policy and Action for the National Farmers Union and author of Civilization Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future.