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BC Certified Organic Conference 2021

Saturday February 27th and Sunday February 28th, 2021
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The Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia is excited to announce its 2021 Organic Farming Conference. The conference will be structured differently than usual due to the pandemic, and will consist of the following components:

  1. A two-day main event, featuring a series of socially-distanced farm tours across BC on the Saturday, followed by an online gathering the next day, featuring speakers and topics that will inspire, educate, and provoke conversation among our community members!
  2. To replace the traditional in-person seminars and workshops, we are producing an audio series (podcast) that will be released one month ahead of the conference weekend, so that attendees can engage with this comprehensive resource at their own pace. The series will feature more than twenty episodes intended to provide valuable updates, provoke discussion, and improve listeners' farming, marketing, and much more.
  3. The online gathering on the weekend of the conference will feature some Q&As with a selection of the speakers featured in the podcast.
  4. Our regular tradeshow will be replaced by a virtual one that will be wound into the podcast series.

For this conference we have chosen the theme 'Embracing Change', which seemed wholly appropriate given the climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies we must consider, the pandemic world we find ourselves in, and the virtual nature of this, our 28th annual conference!

As we fill out our program, we'll provide updates. Tickets on sale now!

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