Organic Food
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Certified Organic Association of BC
Friday February 27 to Sunday March 1, 2015
Chilliwack, BC

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Conference Presentations

Presenter Workshop
Andrea Gunner
Anne Macey
Mike Noullet
Slaughter Panel
Presentation Notes
Anne Macey Standards Interpretation
Presentation Notes
Andrea Lawseth
Tristan Cavers
Darcy Goodrich
Grazing is Greener
Presentation Notes
Chris Bodnar Using Cooperatives to Achieve Shared Business Objectives
Presentation Notes
Mel Sylvestre Integrated Seed Saving Practices for Farm Business
Presentation Notes
Sara Dent Keynote: Young Agrarians & The Movement to Grow New Farmers
Presentation Notes
Sara Dent
Richard Enns
Land Linking Workshop
Presentation Notes
Susan Davidson
Andrew Arkestyn-Vogler
Paige Dampier
What About Farmers Markets?
Presentation Notes
Tamara Richardson Pest Management in Tree Fruit and Garlic
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Todd Kabaluk Progress on Organic Methods for Wireworm Control
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Vanessa Perrodou Connecting to Community through Farm to School
Presentation Notes

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