Organic Food

COABC Awards

Founders Award

The Founders Award has been given to individuals in recognition of their contributions in creating a strong COABC.

Year Recipient
1998 Alfred Reid
1999 Hans Buchler
2000 Harvie Snow
2001 Brian Mennell
2002 Mary Forstbauer
2003 Paddy Doherty
2004 Cathleen Kneen
2005 Gunta Vitins
2006 Susan Davidson
2007 Hermann Bruns
2008 Brian Hughes
2009 Lee Taylor
2010 Bill Smith
2011 Linda Edwards
2012 Robert Hettler
2013 Lee McFadyen

Brad Reid Award

Presented annually at the COABC conference, this award honours an innovative leader who has strengthened the organic community by moving the sector forward.
Year Recipient
2014 Carmen Wakeling
2015 Heather Pritchard
2016 Annie Moss
2017 Chris Bodnar
2018 Rebecca Kneen
2019 Lisa McIntosh
2020 DeLisa Lewis

COABC Bedrock Award

COABC Bedrock Award The Bedrock Award is an annual award honouring a person (or persons) for their contributions to the foundations of organics.
Year Recipient
2019 Anne Macey
2019 Rochelle Eisen
2020 Jon and Sher Alcock