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What is the Listserve

The BC Organic Farming Listserve, maintained by the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC) is a forum for organic farmers and like-minded folk to post questions, answers and exchange ideas and share information in regards to organic production, marketing issues, current issues, events and more. It is primarily oriented towards practical issues related to organic agriculture in BC; however, we welcome participation from organic farmers and like-minded folks throughout the world.
A few examples of questions and messages that might be posted:

  • Wondering about the merits of a new variety of apple or carrot?
  • Sources of information about composting.
  • What is a good green manure to underseed in winter squash?
  • Announcing a research project to study a biological control agent.
  • To find out or tell people about organic workshops, meetings or publications.

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What Happens Next?

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We look forward to an active, informative and supportive listserve environment. Remember it's your participation that makes the whole list roll.
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How To View the Archives

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Content and Posting Etiquette

Here are some guidelines to make this list work for everyone.


  • Firstly, this list is not directly monitored. If any spam is received from a subscriber, that subscribers' email will immediately be removed from the list and that subscriber will no longer be able to post to this list or receive any further email from this list.
  • Always keep to the topic and purpose of the list. The more topic-specific contributions are, the more useful the list is for everyone.
  • Be careful to send only items that will interest the majority of people on the list. Personal replies should go directly to the individual.
  • Keep file size to less than 600 kbs
  • Avoid sending attachments, embedded images etc. - Do not send chain letters, spam, or any message that can be construed as commercial in nature; however we realize that individual postings looking for or selling farm related items, advising of local organic related events or education and those looking for work on an organic farm are ok.
  • Try to resist the urge to send helpful e-mails about current viruses or other just breaking news that is not relevant to the list topic. There are other outlets for this type of information.
  • Do not post private email to the list that you have received from someone else without his or her express permission to do so.
  • Do not post copyrighted materials
  • Give complete and accurate sets of references.
  • Finally, contribute to the list; don't just benefit from it. Your posted response to the list should be more than "I agree" or "thank you for responding." Either add to the discussion or send these types of messages directly to an individual.


  • Use subject headings that accurately convey the topic for the post
  •  Indicate the specific post (date, discussion list, title, and name of poster) to which you are responding
  •  Quote or repeat only the relevant sections of the post to which you are responding and not the complete post (as may occur when you hit the reply button. The HIT-REPLY-BUTTON-SYNDROME is the bane of discussion lists. It litters the lists with superfluous already posted once > twice >> thrice >>> etc., etc., material.
  • Do not send attachments to lists, including photo's (they will often appear as pages of code and may introduce viruses). Instead, place the attachment on a web page and give subscribers the URL. This also causes long download times for subscribers on dial up. - Keep file size to less than 600 Kbs
  • Double check all URL's in your message to be sure they work and do not have a misspelling or typographical error. 
  • Use a brief signature that includes you affiliation, mailing address and homepage (if you have one). Also this is helpful in highlighting your expertise and professional experience to other list members. 
  • Carefully proofread posts prior to posting - check English, spelling (especially names) and grammar, remove all ambiguous and offensive material
  • Examine the address in the "TO" slot. Do you really want to send private correspondence to an entire list of subscribers?
  • Pause for a few minutes to review your post before sending it.
  • Do not use automatic email reply programs. To do so creates a mess, as they generate a response for each message received. Although the list software detects and usually stops this from happening, it still creates unnecessary "noise" for the subscribers. If you need to use these programs, please unsubscribe from the list while you are away. You can subscribe again when you return.
  • Do not turn on any feature that confirms receipt of reading of an email message. This creates the same problem as the automatic reply programs.

Common Sense

  • Always, always be courteous.
  • Do not subject any list member to a personal attack.
  • Do not use profanity
  • Do not post messages in all caps. This is the equivalent of shouting.
  • If a message angers you, wait until you are calm before responding.
  • Don't disparage your organization or others in you message.
  • Problems with another list members posting should be directed to the list administrator, not the individual member.
  • No list member should criticize another; the list administrator should deal with problems.

Technical problems with the list or difficulties unsubscribing from the list should go to the list administrator office(a)