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BC's Organic Extension Services - Book List

Books Recommended by Organic Farmers

This is a compilation of books recommended by COABC listserv participants when asked in Fall 2007 what would they read if stuck on a deserted island.

A Year on the Garden Path - a 52-week organic gardening guide – C. Herriot (CAD)
Encyclopaedia of Organic Growing and Gardening - J. Rodale
Feed the Soil - Edwin McLeod
Gaining Ground - Canadian Organic Growers (CAD)
Gardening for the Faint of Heart – Wheeler (CAD)
Good Growing, Why Organic Farming Works - Duram, L.
Greening the Garden - a guide to sustainable growing - Dan Jason
Growing Great Garlic - Ron England
How to Grow Vegetables and Fruit by the Organic Method - Rodale Organic
Introduction to Certified Organic Farming, 2nd Ed - Ag Canada
Managing Cover Crops Profitably - Sustainable Agriculture Network
New Organic Grower - E. Coleman
Organic Farming - Nicholas Lampkin
Organic Field Crop Handbook, 2nd Ed. - Canadian Organic Growers (CAD)
Organic Tree Fruit Management - Certified Organic Associations of BC (CAD)
Organic Vegetable Production – A Complete Guide - Davies, G. & Lennartsson, M.
Sharing the Harvest - Elizabeth Henderson with Robyn Van En T
The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening West of the Cascades - Steve Solomon
The Flower Farmer - Byczynski
The HDRA Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening – Pears, P.
The Soul of Soil - Grace Gershuny and Joe Smillie

Support Material
Albrecht Papers - Albrecht
All About Vegetables - Ortho Books
An Acres USA Primer - Walters & Fenzau
Biodynamic Book of Moons - D. Klocek
Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties - Deppe
Cavendish Encyclopedia of Pruning and Training - Christopher Brickell
Cornucopia II - Stephen Facciola
Culture and Horticulture - W. Storl
Dick Raymond's Gardening Year - Raymond
Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening - Pears (Ed)
Good Fruit Grower Publications - Yakima, Washington
Herbs for Sale - Sturdivant
How to Grow More Vegetables - J. Jeavons
Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers
Living off the Land - Tobe
Nature of Soil - N Brady
Principles of Plant Breeding - Allard
Seed to Seed - Ashworth
Sleeping with the Sunflower - Riotte
Square Foot Gardening - Bartholomew
Stockman Grass Farmer Publications
The Edible Italian Garden - Creasy
The Little Book of Garden Heroes - Shepherd
The Rest of the Story - Dr Harold Willis
UBC Guide to Gardening in BC - The University of BC Botanical Garden (CAD)
Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest - Binda Colebrook
Working with Nature Shifting Paradigms - Heide Hermary (CAD)
Worms Eat My Garbage (2nd edition) - Applehof, M
Year-Around Harvest - winter gardening on the coast - Linda Gilkeson (CAD)

Motivational Backgrounders
Agriculture Lectures - R. Steiner
An Agricultural Testament - Sir Albert Howard
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Barbara Kingsolver, et al
Any book by Brewster Kneen
Any book by Roy Pat Mooney
Encyclopaedia of Country Living - Carla Emery
Environmental Ethics - Pojman, Louis P
Farmers of Forty Centuries - F.H. King
From the Good Earth - Michael Ableman (or any of his other books)
Greening of the Revolution: Cuba's Experiment with Organic Farming - Rosset, Peter (ed.) and Benjamin, Medea (ed.)
Health in a Hurry - simple solutions for the time starved by Natalie Forstbauer
One Straw Revolution - Masanobu Fukuoka
Organic Farming: Yesterday’s and Tomorrow’s Agriculture - Wolf, R.
Peace Is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh
Silent Spring - Rachel Carson
Soil Organic Matter in Sustainable Agriculture - Magdoff, F. & Weil
Sustainable Cities - Haughton, G
Sustainable Soils - Wolf, B. & Snyder, G.H.
The Art of the Commonplace:  Agrarian Essays - Wendell Berry
The Botany of Desire - Michael Pollan
The Gift of Good Land: Further Essays Cultural and Agricultural - Wendell Berry
Walden Pond - Henry David Thoreau
The Living Soil - Lady Eve Balfour
The Next Agricultural Revolution - Mullinix, Kent
The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan
Unbowed - Wangari Maathai

Many of the books listed are seriously out of print, but maybe available through Steve Solomon's list of out of print but available on line books from

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