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Pacific Agricultural Certification Society

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Administrator: Verna Wagner
Phone: 250 558-7927
Fax: 250 558-7947
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Canadian Organic Regime (COR)

BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP)

Scope: Crops, Livestock, Processing, Packaging, Labelling

Date of Certificate

May 11, 2020 – May 11, 2021

Certification Body Information

Since 2001, the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, commonly known throughout the industry as PACS, has grown and become a strong leader in organic certification across Canada.  A group of health-minded individuals interested in supporting a sustainable food system were the pioneers of organics and the founders of PACS.  We honour their dedication and legacy every day by actively focusing on the growth of PACS nationwide.

PACS is constantly evolving as we acknowledge the needs of our clients beyond organic certification.  Our team is continually working on ideas to diversify our certification services for our clients’ product and marketing requirements. We strive to deliver the best service, supporting our clients’ vital work by providing reputable certified organic products and services for consumers all over the world. 

PACS certifies to the Canada Organic Regime (COR) for national and international export of products,  the British Columbia Certified Organic Program (BCCOP) for certification of products marketed within BC only, and the PACS Provincial program for certification within other Canadian provinces when products are marketed provincially.

Mission: PACS is an efficient and financially viable organization dedicated to providing impartial professional certification services with affordable cost and valued transparency. PACS is motivated to be a leader in certification in Canada by finding new and better ways to service its clients whilst ensuring trust in its activities and confidence in its brand.

Vision: PACS strives to;

  • Continue the trend of being a world-renowned trusted certification body (organic and more).
  • Take pride in the services we provide that are ethical and transparent while adhering to the regulations that guide us.
  • Become a certification body that provides multiple certification branding under one trademark, PACS

​PACS Core Values: The core values identified by our strategic planning, provides our team with direction and goals along with milestones that we use to measure our progress. Here are a few things PACS believes in with the delivery of our brand as we CERTIFY products and services;

  • Certify: with competence, knowledge and professionalism.
  • Ethical: our team believes in providing service with a high moral standard and integrity.
  • Reputation: continue to retain clients and consumers trust while showing growth.
  • Transparency: Our team is focused on accountability with the standards that guide us.
  • Interests: protecting our current programs while proactively diversifying.
  • Future: We never stand still as PACS is constantly looking for opportunities to improve our systems to improve our high standard of customer service.
  • You: because service should be given from our team to your team with care, professionalism, knowledge and pride.

Our clients’ hard work and dedication inspire us to continue our services as a certification body, thus promoting a healthy food lifestyle. It all starts at the farmers field, to the caring hands of our processors, to the end consumers who present these products confidently to their families and friends. Click this link to our client testimonials to see why THEY chose PACS.

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Board of Directors 2020
President Paddy Doherty
Vice President Amanda Turner
Treasurer Brody Irvine
Secretary Bart Bounds
Director Charlie Lasser  
Director Karnail Singh Sidhu
Director Ken Smith 
Director Danny Turner 
COABC Rep Paddy Doherty
  Brody Irvine
  Charlie Lasser  
  Ken Smith 
COABC Alternative Bart Bounds
  Karnail Singh Sidhu
  Amanda Turner
  Danny Turner 
Certification Committee Members Kathy Willcox 
  Audra Horvey 
  Jade Jaeggle
  Jess Washtock 
  Megan Payne
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Membership Listing, Found 316 entries

Transitional Assessed to the BC Organic Standards and in transition to full organic status. For more information click here.
Pending Application for assessment to the BC Organic Standards submitted - certification review decision pending. For more information click here.

Enterprise Contact City Status Class
1143801 B.C. Ltd. Colin Meek Charlie Lake COR Certified Crop
577803 BC Ltd. dba Taylor Farms Dan Taylor Cawston COR Certified Crop
594360 BC Ltd. dba Okanagan Naturals Ronald James Reynolds Vernon PACS Certified Preparation
A & J Bhathal Organic Orchard Baljit Bhathal Cawston COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Abbott Acres Ted & Tammi Abbott Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Acecard Food Group Ltd. dba Legends Haul Supply Co. Marlana Murray Coquitlam COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Across the Creek Organics Bruce Miller Pemberton COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Alpine Bakery Walter & Silvia Streit,
PACS Certified Preparation
Anderson Organic Farm Joseph Blades Harrison Hot Springs and Spences Bridge BCCOP Certified Crop
Antares Vineyards Ron Firman Oliver COR Certified Crop
Apple Lane Orchards Rod McNabb and Vlasta Ulovec Denman Island BCCOP Certified Crop
ArcticPharm Ltd. Chris Cornborough,
PACS Certified Crop
Askom Valley Herb Farm Joanne Warren Lillooet BCCOP Certified Crop
Athena Farm Holdings Ltd. dba Grown Here Farms Krystine McInnes Cawston & Abbotsford COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Athwal Farms Taranjeet Athwal,
BCCOP Certified Crop
Aulakh & Sons Ltd Balwinder Aulakh,
COR Certified / Certified BCCOP Crop
Aurora Mountain Farm Tom & Simone Rudge Whitehorse PACS Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Poul
Avalon Dairy Ltd. Jaewon Yon Burnaby COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
B & C Horrocks Orchards Bryan & Cindy Horrocks Cawston COR Certified Crop
B and J Organic Orchard Baljit Bhathal Cawston COR Certified Crop
Baccata Ridge Winery David Robertson,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Back Achers Jo Schneider and Kaylan Madeira Cawston COR Certified Crop
Baird Orchards Gary Baird Lake Country COR Certified Crop
Baljit Bhathal, Jaswinder Grewal, Gwen Edwards & John Martyn Baljit Bhathal Cawston COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Barker Orchards David Barker Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
BC Garlic Growers Inc. Abdul Majid Abbotsford COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
BC Kian Land Ltd Kian Barzegar,
COR Certified Crop
Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery Mark Timmermans Courtenay BCCOP Certified Crop
Bell, Jim and Sheryl Jim Bell,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Belly Achers Tanya Parker Cawston Certified Low Risk Crop
Benchland/Todd Orchard Dean & Joanne Schneider Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Berryhill Foods Inc. Doug Gibson,
COR Certified Preparation
Best B. Holdings Sukhjit Bubra Abbotsford COR Certified Crop
Bhunder Organic Orchard Jaswinder Singh Sidhu Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Big Root Organic Farms Ltd. Mishak Potash Cawston COR Certified Crop
Birley Farm / Little Peace Mills Richard Birley Baldonnel COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Preparation
Bite Me Organics Richard King Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Bjordal, Ola & Gillian Ola Bjordal Penticton COR Certified Crop
Blossom River Organics Ltd. Jarnail S. Gill Cawston COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Blue House Organics Inc. Alejandro Sucre,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Brar, Satnam Singh Satnam Brar,
COR Certified Crop
Bridge Creek Estate Ltd. Anthony Cecil 100 Mile House BCCOP Certified Crop
Brother Nature Organic Seeds Gordon Brinck Victoria COR Certified Crop
Bruins End Orchard Trevor Chandler Lillooet BCCOP Certified Crop
C.E. Robson Organics Chris and Elaine Robson McBride COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Cathpair Vineyard Robert Hall Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Cawston Cold Storage Ltd. Dan Taylor Cawston COR Certified Preparation
Chemimex Enterprises Ltd. dba Source of Life Products Ash Kapadia New Westminster COR Certified / BCCOP Certified / PACS Certified Preparation
Cherry Hill Coffee Inc. David Biglow Kelowna COR Certified Preparation
Cinagro Farms Ltd. Cvetelina (goes by Lina) Vasileva,
COR Certified Crop
Clover Leaf Cheese Ltd. Ruth Monsalve Calgary COR Certified Preparation
Coast Mountain Cannabis Inc. Tyler Burslem,
PACS Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Cocoa West Chocolatier Inc. Joanne Mogridge Bowen Island COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Copes, Colin Colin Copes Cecil Lake COR Certified Crop
Corbishley Hill Estates Ltd George Manz Penticton COR Certified Crop
Covert Farms Ltd. Gene Covert Oliver COR Certified / BCCOP Certified / Transitional Crop
Cowichan Pasta Company Inc. Matt Horn Cobble Hill COR Certified Preparation
Creekmore's Coffee Roasting Inc. David and Elaine Creekmore Coombs COR Certified Preparation
Crisp Organics Ltd. Andrew Arkesteyn-Vogler Abbottsford & Chiliwack COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Crockett Orchards & Vineyard Teresa Crockett Keremeos COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Crosby Organics Lindsey & Edwin Crosby,
BCCOP Certified Crop
Currie, John & Sondra John Currie,
COR Certified / Transitional Crop
DC Organics Darcy & Carrie Friesen Dawson Creek COR Certified Crop
Delca Enterprises Ltd. dba Bakers Supply House Richard Berg Surrey COR Certified Preparation
Delta Coffee Works Inc Seth Lang Delta COR Certified Preparation
Denman Island Chocolate Ltd. Daniel Terry Denman Island COR Certified Preparation
Dew Fresh Honey Shelley A. Lugg Osoyoos COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Dhaliwal, Randhir Kaur Randhir K Dhaliwal Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Direct Organics Plus Ltd. Tree Wills Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Discovery Islands Organics Ltd. Brody Irvine Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Doris Tan Holdings Ltd. Wayne Ellis Oliver COR Certified Crop
Doris Tan Holdings Ltd. dba Knollvine Farm Wayne Ellis Okanagan Falls COR Certified Crop
Duso's Enterprises Ltd. Kurt Ellingson Port Coquitlam COR Certified Preparation
Earth's Own Food Company Inc. (Annacis) Stuart Fleming Delta COR Certified Preparation
Earth's Own Food Company Inc. - First Choice Beverage Stuart Fleming Mississauga COR Certified Preparation
Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd. Carmen & Glenn Wakeling Courtenay COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse/Preparation
EGGSOLUTIONS - VANDERPOLS INC Mike Vanderpol Abbotsford COR Certified Preparation
Elam's Organics Inc. Tree Wills Cawston COR Certified Crop
Elemental Farm Bart Bounds Whitehorse PACS Certified Crop/Greenhouse/Livestock
Emperor Specialty Foods Ltd. San Tan Richmond COR Certified Preparation
Empire Orchards Ltd. Toni Torgerson Keremeos BCCOP Certified Crop
Espeut-Post Orchards Denese Espeut-Post Summerland BCCOP Certified Crop
Factors Farms Ltd. Jason Clarke Armstrong COR Certified Crop
Farmersdotter Organics Morris Holmes and Yvonne Kosugi Cawston COR Certified Crop
Fernwood Coffee Company LLC Ben Cram Victoria COR Certified Preparation
First Nature Farms Jerry Kitt Goodfare COR Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Poul
Fit Foods Ltd. Dipika Vatnani Port Coquitlam COR Certified Preparation
Food Of The Sun Justene Lougheed Cawston BCCOP Certified Crop
Foothills Creamery Ltd. Brian Espiritu Calgary COR Certified Preparation
Fountainview Farms Timon Spuller Lillooet COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. Helen Xie Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Fresh Ideas & Solutions Inc. Margaret Daskis Maple Ridge COR Certified Preparation
Frind Estate Winery Eric von Krosigk West Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Fugger, Robert Robert Fugger Kelowna Certified Low Risk Crop
Full Circle Farm Drew and Joanne Gailius,
BCCOP Certified Crop
G & E Produce George Boer Abbotsford COR Certified Crop
Gambrinus Malting Corporation Ken Smith Armstrong COR Certified Preparation
Garrett, Calven & Christina Calven Garrett,
COR Certified Crop
Gathering Place Trading Ltd. Lovena Harvey Campbell River COR Certified Preparation
Ghost Pine Vines Greg Cole Peachland BCCOP Certified Crop
Gill, Amandeep Amandeep Gill Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Golden Eagle Farms Esteban Poblete Agassiz COR Certified Crop
Golden West Farms Alan Fisher Summerland COR Certified Crop
Good Earth Farms Simon Toole,
COR Certified Crop
Gourmet Savories Inc. Anil Suri Surrey COR Certified Preparation
Grassy Gnome Acres Chris & Lorna Church Coldstream Certified Low Risk Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Poul
Great Himalaya Foods, Inc. Tsezom Yuthok Richmond COR Certified Preparation
Grewal Farm (Satpal) Satpal Grewal Penticton COR Certified Crop
Grewal Organic Orchard Jaswinder Grewal Cawston COR Certified Crop
Grewal, Gurkamal Gurkamal Grewal Penticton COR Certified Crop
Gudjonson Farms Ltd. Ed Gudjonson Creston COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery Ltd. & Deep Creek Wine Estate Bella Huang,
COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Hamberlin Holsteins Ltd. Quentin Bruns Mara COR Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Dair
Happy Planet Foods Inc. Stuart Fleming Burnaby COR Certified Preparation
Hare's Farm, Pemberton Organic Blueberries John-David (JD) Hare Pemberton BCCOP Certified Crop
Harker's Organics (Grower) Troy Harker Cawston COR Certified Crop
Harker's Organics Rustic Roots Winery Ltd. Troy Harker Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Hart, Charles Charles Hart,
COR Certified Crop
Hartwood North Farm Wendy Armstrong -Taylor and Malcolm Taylor Armstrong COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Heart Achers Farm Ron Schneider Cawston COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Helmers' Organic Farm Doug & Jeanette Helmer Pemberton COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Hill View Acres Kebrina Byrne Cawston COR Certified Crop
Hoisington Organic Farms Craig Hoisington Armstrong COR Certified Crop
hOMe Grown Living Foods Ltd Shani Cranston,
COR Certified Preparation
HOOH Organic Hop Co. Ltd. dba Harvesters of Organic Hops Sam Quinlan North Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Hooray Truffles Kim Kingston Gibsons COR Certified Preparation
Hope Farm Organics Andrew Adams Newlands COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Hundal Orchards Manjit Hundal Cawston COR Certified Crop
Hutley Acres Mike Broersma Armstrong COR Certified Crop
Ice Cap Organics Delaney & Alisha Zayac Pemberton BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Poul
IDZ Holdings Ltd. Anne Leeson Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Indianlife Food Corporation Rakesh Raniga Burnaby COR Certified Preparation
Indigo Valley Farm Amber Stamm'ler,
COR Certified Crop
Inovobiologic Inc. Mark Dawkin,
COR Certified
Ironwood Farm Barbara Odegard Fanny Bay Certified Low Risk Crop
Island Hopper Farms Ltd. Debbie Mann Nanoose Bay COR Certified Crop
J & R Orchards Manjit (Mike) Gill Cawston COR Certified Crop
Jerseyland Organics Ltd. Jeremy deVries Grand Forks COR Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Dair
JNG Living Tree Farm Ltd. Gurmail Dhaliwal Cawston COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Jonkerville Farms Ltd. Kevin & Krista Jonker Sorrento COR Certified Crop
Kalala Agriculture Ltd dba Mobile Juice Factory Karnail Singh Sidhu,
COR Certified Preparation
Kaleidoscope Fruit Ranch Katie Sardinha,
COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Karma Coffee Ltd. Jessica Castle Coombs COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Kind-Hearted Farm Ltd. Jerry Wang Mission BCCOP Certified Crop
Kiskatinaw River Ranch Michael Nimitz Dawson Creek BCCOP Certified Crop
Klippers Organic Acres Kevin Klippenstein Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op dba Cedar Bug Farm Todd Veri,
BCCOP Certified Crop
Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op dba Cooper Farm Todd Veri,
BCCOP Certified Crop
Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op dba Kokanee Springs Todd Veri,
BCCOP Certified Crop
Kootenay River Organics Ltd. dba Just A Mere Organic Farm Danny Turner Creston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Kozier Organic Vineyard David Kozier Penticton BCCOP Certified Crop
Kuvera Capital Ltd. dba Riverlands Terry Ross Pemberton BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock
Lambert Creek Organic Meats Ltd. Stuart DiCastri Grindrod COR Certified Preparation
Lasser Ranches Charlie Lasser Chetwynd COR Certified Crop/Livestock
Laughing Crow Organics Kerry McCann Andrew Budgell Pemberton BCCOP Certified Crop
Learmouths Farm John Wells,
COR Certified Crop
Lendrum Ross Farm / Sarah's Harvest Brian Lendrum Whitehorse PACS Certified Crop
Level Ground Trading Ltd. Joshua Del Sol Victoria COR Certified Preparation
Liber Farm & Winery Inc Mike Dowell,
COR Certified Preparation
Liber Farms Mike Dowell Cawston COR Certified Crop
Lilypondacres Elisabeth Harbeck Okanagan Falls COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Lina's Garden Art and Lina Nugteren Cawston COR Certified Crop
Linden Lane Farms Matthew Carr Krestova COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Little Farm Winery Ltd. Rhys Pender MW Cawston COR Certified Crop
Little Fort Gourmet Garlic Co. Linda Verhoeven,
BCCOP Certified Crop
LOHAS Farm Inc. Fred Liu Richmond COR Certified Crop
Longview Farms Ltd. Chris Clarricoates Saanichton COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse
M'Clintock Valley Farm Joanne Jackson Johnson Whitehorse PACS Certified Crop
Manan, Saravjit Saravjit Manan,
COR Certified Crop
Martin and Jonathan Rothe Farm Jonathan Rothe Oliver BCCOP Certified Crop
Maude Island Farm Lynda Dixon Maude Island, Haida Gwaii Certified Low Risk Crop
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Ltd. Monika Voets Vernon COR Certified Preparation
McCullough Farms Ltd. Ed & Daraleah McCullough Pouce Coupe COR Certified Crop
McLeod Farms Ltd. Jack McLeod Salmon Arm COR Certified Crop/Livestock
Meadowfresh Dairy Corporation Erlinda Dumandan Port Coquitlam COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Mediterranean Bakery Don Nguyen Burnaby COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Meekes Farms Ltd. Bernie & Paul Meekes Creston BCCOP Certified Crop
Microb Resources Inc. dba Salt Spring Coffee Company Samantha Whelan Richmond COR Certified Preparation
Milligan Creek Farm Inc. Samuel Walter Fort St. John COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Moat Farms Ltd. Chris & Heather Moat Peace River COR Certified Crop/Livestock
Moja Coffee Corporation Andrew Wentzel North Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Mountain Valley Dairy Ltd dba Kootenay Meadows Farm Erin Harris,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Dair
Mountainview Coffee: Operating as Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters Leandra & Philippe Brient Atlin COR Certified Preparation
Muckabout Orchards Ltd. Robert and Jane Mennell Cawston COR Certified Crop
Nanoose Edibles Farm Lorne & Barbara Ebell Nanoose Bay COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Natural Life Nutrition Inc. Paul Kim,
COR Certified Preparation
Naturalight Foods Inc. Marc Faubert Kelowna COR Certified Preparation
Nature's Formulae Health Products Ltd. Tia Boedeker Kelowna COR Certified / PACS Certified Preparation
Nazaroff Farms Terry Nazaroff Oliver COR Certified Crop
Nelson Brewing Company Ltd. Simon Barna Nelson COR Certified Preparation
Nelson, Forrest Forrest Nelson Cawston COR Certified Crop
Nelson-Rouleau Tree Fruits Pharron Nelson Josée-Anne Rouleau & Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
New Fasham Carole Fitsell Majid Zarif Keremeos COR Certified Crop
New Growth Namandeep Dhaliwal Keremeos COR Certified Crop
North American Reishi Ltd. dba Nammex Skye Chilton Roberts Creek COR Certified Trading/Distribution/Marketing
North Arm Farm Jordan & Trish Sturdy Pemberton Certified BCCOP Crop
Northern Lights Orchard Peter Simonsen Naramata COR Certified Crop
Northern Lights Organics Arthur Halleran,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Norwegian Creek Farm Leonard Caron Midway COR Certified Crop
Nutri-Nation Functional Foods Richard Schroeder Port Coquitlam COR Certified Preparation
O'Reilly's Farm David O'Reilly Oliver COR Certified Crop
Odyssey Ventures Ltd. Greg Thorp Oliver COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Off The Grid Organic Winery Laurie & David Paynter West Kelowna BCCOP Certified Crop
Okanagan Crush Pad Winery Ltd. Duncan Billing Summerland COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Okanagan Properties Ltd. Joseph Lavigne West Kelowna BCCOP Certified Crop
Old Donald's Farm Don Lindley and Debbie de La Mothe Lavington Certified Low Risk / Transitional Crop
Old Meadows Organic Farm George Ricketts Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Old Tower Farm Donna Bartlett Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Oliver Organic Orchard Inc. John Nowik Oliver BCCOP Certified Crop
Open View Orchard Lucy Otoya Penticton COR Certified Crop
Organika Health Products Inc. Jordan Chin Richmond COR Certified / PACS Certified Preparation
Ostro Organics Inc. Manfred Agath Victoria COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Out on a Limb Acres Amanda Turner Cawston COR Certified Crop
Pacific Organic Blueberry Farm Sukhvir Gill Abbotsford COR Certified Crop
Paradise Island Foods Inc. Gina Dame Nanaimo COR Certified Preparation
Park Hill Vineyards Hans Buchler Oliver COR Certified Crop
Paynelea Organic Farms Megan & Jeff Payne Armstrong COR Certified Crop
Peace Canyon Buffalo Ranch David Hocha Hudson's Hope COR Certified Crop
Peak Valley Farms Ltd. Kevin & Krista Jonker Sorrento COR Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Dair
Pemberton Distillery Inc. Tyler Schramm Pemberton COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Peninsula Kiwi Stuart Bassett,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Peters, Adam & Franziska Adam Peters Prespatou COR Certified Crop
Pheasant Run Vineyard Lois & Ian King Kaleden BCCOP Certified / Transitional Crop
Plenty Wild Farms Inc. Alyssa Belter Pemberton BCCOP Certified / Transitional Crop
Portobello Farm Inga Thielemann Surrey BCCOP Certified Crop
Que Pasa Mexican Foods Nina Bahador Delta COR Certified Preparation
R & S Lawrence Farms Roy & Sherry Lawrence Creston BCCOP Certified Crop
Rancho Vignola Distributors Ltd. Simon Vignola,
COR Certified Preparation
Rasa Creek Farm Inc. James Capellini Lumby COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Preparation
Ray's Harvest Eli Ray,
COR Certified Crop
RE Farms Randal & Elisabeth Penner Lister COR Certified Crop
Red Hawk Acres Tania Willard Chase BCCOP Certified Crop
Red Lion Organic Farms Fawn Meichel Salmo COR Certified Crop
Revolution Ranch John McCabe Lytton COR Certified Crop/Livestock
Riley Creek Farm Karen Playfair Lillooet COR Certified Crop
River Valley Orchards Ltd. Sarah McCurdy Baljit Dhaliwal Cawston COR Certified / Transitional Crop
Riverside Orchard Cathy Yuan Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Robin Ridge Winery / Cottrill Vineyards Tim Cottrill Keremeos COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Rollingdale Winery Inc. Donna Ming Wun Chan West Kelowna COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Preparation
Rootdown Organic Farm Simone McIsaac Pemberton COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Rosemary S/S Farm & Ranch Rosemary A. Phillips Charlie Lake BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock
Royal King Organic Orchard Arbinder S. Bhathal Cawston COR Certified Crop
Ruby Red Farms Ivan Mishchenko North Saanich COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Rupee's Organic Orchard Arbinder S. Bhathal Cawston COR Certified Crop
Rust Bucket Hot Sauce Chris Rodgers,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Sage Hills Estate Winery Rick Thrussell,
COR Certified Crop
Sally Mennell's Orchard Sally Mennell Cawston COR Certified Crop
Sandel Foods Inc. Flor Galvez Chilliwack COR Certified Preparation
Saranagati Village Holdings Inc. dba Home Lake Cooperative Ron Schnider Venables Valley BCCOP Certified Crop
Sea Cider Ltd. Tom Krywko Saanichton COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Secrest Organic Produce Ltd. Tejinder (Terry) Singh Grewal Oliver COR Certified Crop
Section 10 Fieldworks Jan Jonker Sorrento COR Certified Crop
Sekhon, Pritam Pritam Sekhon Osoyoos COR Certified Crop
Shadow Creek Developments Ltd. H. Dean Anderson Montney BCCOP Certified Crop
Shawn's Custom Meats Shawn Pearson,
COR Certified
Shuswap Coffee Company Ltd. Tara Shantz Salmon Arm COR Certified Preparation
Silver Tip Ranch Patricia Logan Fort Steele COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock
Singing River Ranch Judy West,
COR Certified Crop/Livestock
Skipping Rooster Organic Farm Lucy Cook Birken BCCOP Certified Crop/Wild Crop
Sonny International Import & Export Ltd. Manny Rodriguez Richmond COR Certified Preparation
Sow's Ear Farm Cory Gordon & Jodi Crewe,
PACS Certified Crop/Livestock (Swine)/Livesto
SR Farms Jed and Amber Franklin Chetwynd COR Certified Crop
St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery Ltd Reto Gebert,
COR Certified Crop
Starvation Flats Farm Bev Caswell Keremeos COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
StoneCroft Farm Glen Beaton,
BCCOP Certified / Transitional Crop
Suede Hills Organic Farm E. Phil and Cindy J. Levington Walhachin COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Summer Breeze Farm Lucille Richter,
COR Certified / Transitional
SummerGate Winery Ltd. Gillian Stohler Summerland COR Certified Crop
Summerhill Pyramid Winery Ezra Cipes,
COR Certified Crop/Preparation
Sun Valley Farm Guy and Debbie Wilkinson Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Sundance Organic Farms Trevor Evans Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop/Preparation
Sunnydae Organic Farm Donna and Peter Harco Summerland BCCOP Certified Crop
Sunnyside Farms Bill and Agatha Klassen Altona COR Certified Crop
Sunreal Organics Isaac Potash Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Sunshine Farm Russell Alcock Kelowna BCCOP Certified Crop
Sunshine Harvest Kevin Demchuck Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Superior Natural ULC. Joanna Jiang Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Sure Crop Feeds Inc. Matt Jefferies North Grindrod COR Certified Preparation
Tanto Latte Ltd. Luigi Ornaghi,
COR Certified Preparation
TBase 3 Holdings Mark Timmermans Courtenay COR Certified Crop/Greenhouse
Terra Firma Farms Terra Park and Robert Jay Revelstoke BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock/Livestock (Poul
Teschke Farm Brian Teschke Prince George BCCOP Certified Livestock
That's My Honey Apiary & Orchard Tim Monaghan,
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
The Herb Garden Steven Schmidt Oliver COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
The Uddersmith Dairy Ltd. Soames Smith Rycroft COR Certified Crop/Livestock
The Village Cheese Company Kelly Baird Armstrong COR Certified Preparation
Thompson, Mark, Diane & Micah Mark Thompson,
COR Certified Crop
Tofino Distillery John Gilmour,
BCCOP Certified Preparation
Tofino Kombucha Inc. Kelsey Hendricks Tofino COR Certified Preparation
Tree To Me Agricultural Products Andre Roussouw Keremeos COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Triple F Farms Steve Pafos,
BCCOP Certified Crop
True Grain Bread Ltd. Bruce Stewart Duncan COR Certified Preparation
Twin Oaks Organic Orchard Karl and Charlotte Hammann Kelowna BCCOP Certified Crop
Twisted Hills Craft Cider Kaylan Madeira and Jo Schneider Cawston COR Certified Preparation
Vancouver Croissant Ltd. Mr. Shaheen Bhuiyan Burnaby COR Certified Preparation
Vegan Pudding & Co. Manabu Takayama Vancouver COR Certified Preparation
Ven'Amour Organic Farms dba Forbidden Fruit Winery Steve Venables Cawston COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Village Milling and Spice Byron Weaver Salt Spring Island Certified BCCOP Preparation
Vismaad Farm Surjit S. Lidher Cawston COR Certified Crop
Vispering Vines Ed Clarke Okanagan Falls COR Certified Crop
Vitalus Nutrition Inc. Heather Sarling Abbotsford COR Certified Preparation
Walnut Grove Garlic Farms Al and Diane Matovich Cawston COR Certified Crop
Water Witch Herbs Maryann Abbs 100 Mile House BCCOP Certified Crop/Wild Crop
West Coast Seeds Ltd. Alex Augustyniak Delta COR Certified Crop/Preparation
West Enderby Farm Elaine Spearing Enderby COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Crop
Whistler Therapeutics Corp. Brishna Kamal,
COR Certified
Wild at Heart Organic Orchard (Blush Lane Organic Orchard) Zenya K. Horricks Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Wilfrid Mennell's Orchard Wilfrid Mennell Cawston COR Certified Crop
Windfall Farm Lisa & Mike Daniels Powell River BCCOP Certified Crop/Livestock (Poultry)/Prepa
Wise Elder Elderberry Farm Skye Hitchcock Mill Bay BCCOP Certified Crop/Preparation
Wolfe's Green Dirt Farm Immian Wolfe Lillooet COR Certified Crop
Worrenberg Farms Ltd. Markus Keller Keremeos COR Certified / BCCOP Certified Preparation
Wyndhaven Farm Tim & Vera Roberts Keremeos COR Certified Crop
Yellow Rose Ventures Ltd. Anne Leeson Kelowna COR Certified Crop
Yukon Berry Farm Kyle Marchuk,
COR Certified Crop
Zehetmeier, Sebastian and Euphrosine Sebastian and Euphrosine Zehetmeier Altona COR Certified Crop