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Islands Organic Producers Association

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4164 Telegraph Rd
Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L4

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Administrator: Crystal Arsenault
Phone: (250) 858-5239
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BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP)

Scope: Crops, Livestock, Processing

Date of Certificate

May 11, 2020 – May 11, 2021

Certification Body Information

The Islands Organic Producers Association is a non-profit association of organic growers and producers on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Our central mandate is threefold:

  • to maintain written standards for organic farming;
  • to administer a fair and strict process to assess the operations of organic producers;
  • and to award certified organic status to those who qualify.

We also work to promote and strengthen sustainable agriculture and to establish a cooperative relationship among organic producers.

IOPA has grown steadily since its inception in 1990 and now has over 75 certified organic or transitional producers. IOPA is a certifying body of COABC (Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia ). We require our members to abide by both IOPA guidelines and COABC standards

Organic agriculture is both a philosophy and a way of farming. The main focus is maintaining sustainable, productive farms, based on living soil ecosystems. The farmer's role is to use and support a community of organisms, both plant and animal, that maintain and build the soil, minimize predation by unwanted pests and weed plants, and produce healthy, nutritious food for the farm and the community. The process is as important as the product, and the quality and sustainability of life is paramount.

Environmental degradation is widely recognized as the most serious threat to life on our planet. The environmental crisis is a consequence of misdirected human activity, and modern orthodox agriculture -- with its dependence on heavy machinery, high energy inputs, chemical fertilizers and poisons -- bears its share of responsibility for this crisis. Soil structure and fertility have been seriously degraded in most agricultural regions of the world. Food crops and domestic animals alike no longer possess their former vitality, and poisonous residues on crops and in animal products are viewed world-wide with increasing concern. In order to arrest and reverse this trend, it is necessary for farmers to develop a sound ecological relationship with the land.

Board of Directors 2021
President Shawn Dirksen   
Vice President Al Grant  
Treasurer Danielle Bellefleur
Secretary Robin Tunnicliffe
COABC Rep Heather Stretch
Alternative Rep Heather Ramsay
Certification Committee Members Jay Williamson
IOPA volunteer Erin Bett
IOPA volunteer Sarah Chapman
IOPA volunteer Aaron DeWarle
IOPA volunteer Derek Powell
IOPA volunteer Brian Padlewski
IOPA volunteer John Pattison
non-iopa member Kate Vanruyven
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Membership Listing, Found 57 entries

Transitional Assessed to the BC Organic Standards and in transition to full organic status. For more information click here.
Pending Application for assessment to the BC Organic Standards submitted - certification review decision pending. For more information click here.

Enterprise Contact City Status Class
ALM Organic Farm & Full Circle Seeds Mary Alice Johnson,
Sooke Certified Farm
Amara Farm Arzeena Hamir,
Neil Turner
Courtenay Certified Farm
Apple Luscious Organic Orchard Harry Burton,
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm/Poultry
Avalon Farm Kerry McDonald,
Cathy Burkosky
Port Alberni Certified BCCOP Low-Risk Farm
Blue Harvest Farm Jim Stachow,
Mina Stachow
Ladysmith Certified Farm
Blue Heron Kris Chand,
Maria Chand
Parksville Decertified Farm
Bright Farm Charlie Eagle,
John Pattison,
Jessica Kavanaugh
Salt Spring Island Certified BCCOP Low-Risk Farm
Carraic Farm Alan Turner Certified Farm/Greenhouse
Comox Trail Meagan Curtis Port Alberni Certified
Corlan Vineyard Selwyn Jones,
Patricia Jones
Denman Island Certified Farm/Poultry
Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm (CISF) Cowichan Green Community Certified Farm
Cusheon Lake Farm Wiebke Ortlepp,
Stephanie Ortlepp
Salt Spring Island Certified BCCOP Low-Risk Farm/Livestock/Poultry
Eagle Tree Organics Gayle Berry,
Al Grant
Qualicum Beach Decertified Farm
East Cider Orchard Anne deCosson,
Larry Berg
Denman Island Certified Farm
Elemental Farm Kevin Allen Certified
Fierce Love Farm Erin Bett Victoria Certified
Grandview Farms Ronald Puhky,
Kim Hanson
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm/Poultry
Green Fire Farm DeLisa Lewis Certified
Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society Erin Bett,
Certified Farm
Haslam Creek Berry Farm Qinghe Zhang,
Min Yu
Nanaimo Certified Farm
Healing Farm Mike Romaine,
Sharyn Romaine
Victoria Certified Farm/Poultry
Hope Hill Farm Vera Robinson,
Cam Robinson
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm/Poultry
Isabella Farm Kent Mjolsness,
Basil Franey
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm
Joyful Agriculture Kristina Coleman Victoria Certified Farm
Kildara Farms Brian Hughes North Saanich Certified Farm/Poultry
Kloverdalen Farm Kira Kotilla Courtenay Certified Farm
Lavender and Black Bernd Henzler,
Awatief Daniels
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm
Littlest Acres Emily McConnell,
Paul Duboscq
Victoria Certified Farm
Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative Joan Varley Victoria Certified Farm
Makoha Farm Amy Lobb,
Calum Oliver
Victoria Certified Farm
Metchosin Farm Fiona Hamersley Chambers Certified Farm
Nanoose Edibles Lorne,
Nanoose Bay Certified BCCOP
Northbrook Farm Heather Stretch,
Saanichton Certified Farm
Northstar Organics Shawn Dirksen Central Saanich Certified Farm/Greenhouse/Sprouts
Orveas Creak Glyse Clarkston Certified Farm
Pattison Farms Gerry Pattison,
Dagmar Pattison
Black Creek Certified Farm
Pipe Rabbit Farm Belinda Schroeder,
Ron Schroeder
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm
Raven Rock Kelly Leroux Certified Farm/Sprouts
Rebecca's Garden Rebecca Jehn,
Victoria Certified Farm
Saanich Native Plants Kristen Miskelly,
Victoria Certified Farm
Salt Spring Apple Company Peri Lavender,
Brian Webster
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm/Processor
Sea Bluff Farm ,
Robin Tunnicliffe
Victoria Certified Farm
Square Root Farm Chrystal Bryson,
Ilya Amrhein
Saanichton Certified Farm
SunTrio Farm Dennis OBrien,
Michael OBrien,
Victoria Certified Farm/Greenhouse/Sprouts
Sweet Acres Ariella Falkowski Victoria Certified Farm/Sprouts
Tatlo Road Farm Niki Strutynski,
Nick Neisingh
Crofton Certified Farm/Sprouts
Tendergreens Farm Jay Williamson Certified Farm
Therah Farm Barbara Moore,
Galiano Island Certified Farm
Three Oaks Farm Rachel Fisher Saanichton Certified Farm
Umi Nami Farm Yoshiko Unno,
Heather Ramsay
Victoria Certified Farm
Valhalla Michelle Harrison,
Patrick Dique
Duncan Certified Farm
Vitality Farm Diana Brubaker Certified Farm
Wave Hill Farm Rosalie Beach,
Salt Spring Island Certified Farm/Livestock/Poultry
West Coast Garlic Derek Powell Central Saanich Certified Farm
Whisperhill Farm ,
Wendy MacDonald
Saanichton Certified Farm
Whitaker Farm Mariette Sluyter,
Brian Padlewski
Courtney Certified Farm/Poultry
Wind Whipped Farm Alex Fletcher,
Virginie Lavallee-Picard
Victoria Certified Farm