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Fraser Valley Organic Producers' Association

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PO Box 19052
Delta, BC  V4L 2P8

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Administrator: Jennifer Boyes
Phone: (778) 434-3070
Fax: 1-866-230-0322 (toll free)
Email: admin(a)


Canadian Organic Regime (COR)

BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP)

Scope: Crops, Livestock, Processing, Packaging, Labelling

Date of Certificate

May 11, 2020 – May 11, 2021

Certification Body Information

The Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA) was established in March, 2001 as an Incorporated Society in the Province of British Columbia. FVOPA's certification program is compliant with Canadian Organic Standards (CAN/CGSB 32-310/32-311-2015, amended March 2018), and in accordance with the BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP) adminstered by COABC. This organic certification program is accepted by the United States, European Union, Japan, Switzerland and Costa Rica.

FVOPA provides certification services within the Province of BC, as well as other regions of Canada. FVOPA is a certifier of all stages of organic production (including farms in transition to organic): farm crops, livestock (e.g. dairy, beef, sheep), poultry, egg grading, greenhouses, mushrooms, processing facilities, handling, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs.

FVOPA certification includes organic product labelling. Operations certified by FVOPA may label their organic product with the BCCOP official mark (BCCOP Logo and Phrase). FVOPA certified operators are also authorised to label their products as “Organic” and may use the accompanying Canada Organic logo. Under the terms of the Canada/US Equivalency Arrangement FVOPA certified operators may also label their organic products with the USDA seal. Both logos are permitted on organic product labels in either country providing the organic content of the product is 95% or more and there is adherence to the logo usage guidelines, respectively. Operations certified by FVOPA can ship products out of BC to any province in Canada, to the USA, Europe and Asia. FVOPA is also recognized by CARTV which manages the Quebec organic agri-food industry.

FVOPA contracts Verification Officers (Inspectors) who are trained and fully qualified Inspector members of the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA). This is the body recognized by the COABC as being responsible for training and upgrading of Verification Officers under the Canada Organic Regime.

As a leading advocate for sustainable agriculture, FVOPA is actively involved in community activities, and providing support and information to its membership through regular Board meetings, dissemination of information, and through membership of other associations such as the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) and the Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA).

FVOPA accepts applications from large or small operations throughout the year.

Please contact our Administrator with your initial enquiry

Click here to download a Request for Application package.

You can email your request to FVOPA's Administrator, Jennifer Boyes,
or fax it to 1-866-230-0322 ( toll free)

Board of Directors 2021
President David Janssens
Vice President Calvin Maarhuis
Treasurer Corry Spitters
Secretary Corry Spitters
Director Susan Snow 
Director Ken Takagaki 
Director Ken Melech 
Director TJ Brar
Director Barbara Jedrzejewska
COABC Rep David Janssens 
COABC Rep Corry Spitters
Alternative Rep Susan Snow
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Membership Listing, Found 111 entries

Transitional Assessed to the BC Organic Standards and in transition to full organic status. For more information click here.
Pending Application for assessment to the BC Organic Standards submitted - certification review decision pending. For more information click here.

Enterprise Contact City Status Class
0719191 BC Ltd. Byron Reimer Quesnel Certified COR
Aico Pioneer Enterprises Ltd. Yunzhen (Tony) Chen Richmond Certified Farm/Sprouts
AP Honey Farm Ltd. Wojciech Pala Alberta Certified Apiary
Asia Pacific Farm Enterprises Inc. Jules Hou,
Eric Hou
Aldergrove Certified Packer/Mushroom
Bateman Berry Farm & Westberry Farms Parm Bains,
Simran Bains
Abbotsford Certified Farm/Processor/Preparer/Packer
Bergen Farms Berries Ltd. James Bergen,
Abbotsford Certified Packer/Processor
Bissel Spur Farms Ltd. Pamela Krause,
Cache Creek Certified Poultry
Blue Goose Cattle - 105 Mile Ranch Doug Sinclair 105 Mile House Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - 70 Mile Ranch Doug Sinclair 70 Mile House Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Ashcroft Ranch Doug Sinclair Aschroft Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Diamond S Ranch Doug Sinclair Lillooet Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Fraser River Ranch Doug Sinclair Williams Lake Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Grindrod Feedlot Doug Sinclair Grindrod Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Moon Ranch Doug Sinclair Williams Lake Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle - Warehouse Division Doug Sinclair N. Vancouver Certified Packer/Processor
Blue Goose Cattle - Wolf Ranch Doug Sinclair Pritchard Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle Co - BlueRidge Doug Sinclair,
Lillooet Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle Co - Grindrod Doug Sinclair,
North Vancouver Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle Co - Walhachin/Dent Doug Sinclair,
Cache Creek Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle Co - Waversek Div Doug Sinclair,
Little Fort Certified Livestock
Blue Goose Cattle Co. - Bees & Honey Doug Sinclair North Vancouver Certified Apiary/Processor
Blue Goose Cattle Co. - Fischer/Loon Lake Doug Sinclair,
Cache Creek Certified Livestock
BNN Enterprises Ltd. Baldev Dhuga,
Achhar Sohi
Maple Ridge Certified
Bow Chong Farm Ltd. Danny Chong Delta Certified Farm
Bradner BC Organic Feed Ltd Cristian Cardona,
Abbotsford Certified Processor
Bradner Farms 2015 Ltd. Rob Donaldson,
Abbotsford Certified Processor/Farm/Livestock
Bradner Farms Cattle Company (formerly Black Canyon Ranch) ,
Pamela Krause
Ashcroft Certified Livestock
Bradner R Farms Ltd. Robert Jr. Donaldson,
Cache Creek Certified Farm
Brandy Farms Inc & 0718592 BC Ltd. (Cozy Prairie) Ben Brandsema,
Julie Brandsema
Abbotsford Certified Farm
Bremner Foods Ltd /Wellbrook Farm Terry Bremner ,
Chandra Burr
Delta Certified Farm/Processor
Brookfield Farm Matthew Laity,
Maple Ridge Certified Farm/Livestock
Camirlaney Farms Shelly Harris Delta Certified Farm
Chewter's Chocolates ,
Dejan Lalic
Delta Certified Processor
Clover Valley Organics TJ Brar Surrey Certified Farm
Comensoli Foods Inc. Crystal Eskildsen Port Coquitlam Certified Processor
Cropthorne Farm Lydia Ryall,
Delta Certified Farm
D & S Ryall ,
Sarah Ryall
Delta Certified
DC & Associattes Farm Holdings Ltd. (dba Fraserland Organics/Bow Chong Farm Ltd.) Danny Chong Delta Certified Processor
Dhaliwal Farms Ltd. Abtar Singh Delta Certified Farm
Dr. Bee Honeyland Edward Wong Pitt Meadows Certified
Dustin & Lindsay Ypma Nathaniel Blue,
Chilliwack Certified Producer
Dutchman's Gold Mark Ysseldyk,
Roger Davies
Millgrove Certified Processor
Earthbank Resource Systems Ltd. Jon Fans Parksville` Certified Farm
Evergreen Herbs Ltd. TJ Brar Surrey Certified
Everharvest Mushrooms Inc. Andrew Wang,
Chilliwack Certified Mushroom
Falconglen Organic Farms Paul Falcon Langley Certified Farm
Farmers Fresh Mushrooms Tim Truong,
Abbotsford Certified Distributor/Processor
Formosa Nursery Co. Ting Wu Maple Ridge Certified Packer
Fraserland Organics Inc. Shelly Harris Delta Certified Processor
Friendship Specialty Mushroom Ltd. Wengang Du,
Hedy Ji,
Chilliwack Certified Farm/Packer
Glory Organic Juice Co. Inc. Mike Drever,
Vancouver Certified Processor
GluteNull Bakery Otari Kobalia,
Port Coquitlaim Certified Processor
Golden Crops Enterprises Ltd. Moe Nazim Squamish Certified Processor
Golden Gate Farms Ltd. Sarah Yoder,
Martin Yoder
Abbotsford Certified Livestock/Poultry
Good Morning Honey Ltd. Richard Ozero Parkland County Certified Apiary/Processor
Greenhouse Grown Foods Tejinder Singh Delta Certified Distributor/Packer
Greenway Farms Ltd. Abu Siddique Surrey Certified Processor
Hans Dairy Inc. Jayesh Patel,
Jignesh Modi
Mississauga Certified Processor
Hicks Honey Farms Ltd. Ryan Hicks McLennan Certified
Highline Mushrooms West Limited - Alberta Gursher Sandhu,
Mark O'Brien
Crossfield Certified Mushroom/Packer/Processor
Highline Mushrooms West Limited - Langley/Abbotsford Gursher Sandhu,
Joe Le
Langley Certified Mushroom/Packer/Processor
Highline Mushrooms West Limited - Prairie Gursher Sandhu Crossfield Certified Packer/Processor
Highline Mushrooms West Limited - Trademark/Infinity & 4 Season King Marc Prevost Langley Certified Processor
Holy Crap Foods Inc. (prev. HapiFoods) Dino Sita,
Gibsons Certified Processor/Packer
Honey Meadows Farm Inc. Jon Zwiers Foothills Certified Apiary
JJ Bean Inc - Vancouver John Neate,
Certified Processor/Packer
John Guliker John Guliker Chilliwack Certified Farm
KT Mushroom Farm Ltd. Kham Luu Abbotsford Certified Mushroom
Maarhuis Dairy Calvin Maarhuis Chilliwack Certified Farm
MCW Apiaries Mike Williams St. Isidore Certified Apiary/Processor
Meadow Creek Sausage & Meats Ltd. Chantal Roberts,
Peter Blokpoel
Claresholm Certified
Minke Blueberry Farm Craig & Deborah Minke Langley Certified Farm/Packer
Misty Mountain Industries David Kwen,
Port Coquitlam Certified Handler/Packer
Mushroom Kingdom Certified Distributor/Transporter
Myrtle Meadows Inc. Rob Milne Pemberton Certified Processor
Nature Glen Dairy Farms Ben Brandsema,
Julie Brandsema
Certified Farm
New Siberia Farms Tom Balakshin,
Chilliwack Certified Farm
Ngoc Minh Farms Ltd. Johnny Tang Langley Certified Mushroom
Nicomekl Farms Ltd. David Janssens Surrey Certified Farm/Livestock
North of 49 Naturals Inc. Andrew Small,
North Vancouver Certified Processor/Handler/Packer
Oranya Farms II Corry Spitters ,
Jeff Spitters
Abbotsford Certified Farm/Packer/Livestock
Origin Organic Farms Inc Raymond Wong Langley Certified Farm/Preparer/Packer/Greenhous
Pacific Northwest Berries and Bees Robert Doberstein,
Maple Ridge Certified Farm
Prospector Organics Brad Nedimovich Abbotsford Certified Farm
River & Sea Flowers Rachel Ryall Delta Certified
Rodwell Farms Ltd. Joe Rodwell,
Richmond Certified Farm
Roots Organic Inc TJ Brar,
Ryan Ho,
Surrey Certified Farm/Processor/Preparer/Packer
Ross Land Mushroom Farm Group 1 Michelle Lui Abbotsford Certified Mushroom
Rossdown Natural Foods Katie Deyun Yuan,
Abbotsford Certified Processor/Packer
S & J Specialty Mushrooms Huajin (Hedy) Ji Chilliwack Certified Mushroom
Salt & Harrow Farm Inc. Seann Dory Vancouver Certified Farm
Saraya Natural Products Co. Ltd Gordon Darby,
Margarita Valou
Lumby Certified Farm
Say When Beverages Inc. (formerly Chai Co.) Barbara Jedrzejewska Delta Certified Processor/Packer
Scandia Honey Echo Chandler,
Reece Chandler
Scandia Certified Apiary/Processor
Silverking Soya Foods Josh Currie,
Kathryn Whitehead
Nelson Certified Processor/Handler
Smart Choice Brands Inc. (formerly Teagosa Inc.) Bernadette Beck,
Eric Bullock
Maple Ridge Certified Packer/Processor
Snow Farms Ltd. Harvie Snow,
Susan Snow
Delta Certified Farm/Packer
Sumas Mountain Farm Trevor Newton Abbotsford Attestation of Compliance/Certified Farm/Processor/Packer
Sumas Organic Feeds Holdings Ltd. Traci Wautier,
Aldergrove Certified Processor
T E Produce Tuan Pham Mission Certified COR
Thomas Fresh - Calgary Paula Irvine,
Calgary Attestation of Compliance/Certified Distributor/Packer
Thomas Fresh Inc. - Saskatoon ,
Paula Irvine
Saskatoon Attestation of Compliance/Certified Packer/Distributor
Thomas Fresh Inc. - Surrey Jason Tubman,
Surrey Attestation of Compliance/Certified Distributor/Packer
Triple Blueberry Ltd. Danny Chong,
Delta Certified Farm
Two EE's Organics Justin Vanderploeg Surrey Certified Farm
Ultima Foods (DBA Olympic Dairy) Halihe Habibollahi Certified Processor/Packer
Van Nes Blueberries Ron Van Nes Abbotsford Certified
Van Rice Products Eric Place Richmond Certified Processor/Packer
Western Rice Mills Ltd. David Chen,
Richmond Certified Packer/Processor
Wingtat Game Bird Packers Inc. - Surrey & Richmond Eric Ng,
Carmen Joe
Certified Slaughter/Processor/Packer
Worker Bee Honey Company Peter Awram County of Athabasca Certified Apiary/Processor