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Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Society of British Columbia

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PO Box 95004, Kingsgate RPO
Vancouver, BC  V5T 2T8

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Administrator: Gwen Huber
Phone: (604) 441-8215
Email: certify(a)


BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP)

Scope: Crops, Livestock, Processing

Date of Certificate

May 11, 2020 – May 11, 2021


Biodynamic Principles

A foundation of the Biodynamic method of farming is a Goethean observation of nature and its application to a farming system. This encourages a view of nature as an interconnected whole, a totality, an organism endowed with archetypal rhythm. Biodynamic farming involves managing a farm utilizing the principles of a living organism. A concise model of a living organism ideal would be a wilderness forest. In such a system there is a high degree of self-sufficiency in all realms of biological survival. Fertility and feed arise out of the recycling of the organic material the system generates. Avoidance of pest species is based on biological vigor and its intrinsic biological and genetic diversity. Water is efficiently cycled through the system. While agriculture takes nature to a state that is one step removed from wilderness, the wisdom of the farmer that guides its course can reflect these ancient principles of sustainability. The view of the farm organism extends beyond the fence line and includes the tangible and intangible forces that work through it. Examples include the climate, inherent wildlife of the earth (above and below the ground), the light and warmth from the sun and the more distant astronomical influences. Biodynamic agriculture attempts to harmonize all of these factors within a holistic, living farm system. The food that results is very pure and true to its essence and provides deeply penetrating nutrition that is essential to an increasingly unhealthy human population.

Board of Directors 2021
President Niklaus Forstbauer & Thomas Schnieder
Vice President  
Treasurer Stefan Butler 
Secretary Larisa Knutsen 
COABC Rep Niklaus Forstbauer
Alternative Rep Gabe Cipes 
Certification Committee Members Thomas Schnieder
  Larisa Knutsen 
  Gabe Cipes 
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Membership Listing, Found 4 entries

Transitional Assessed to the BC Organic Standards and in transition to full organic status. For more information click here.
Pending Application for assessment to the BC Organic Standards submitted - certification review decision pending. For more information click here.

Enterprise Contact City Status Class
Forstbauer Family Farm Niklaus Forstbauer,
Travis Forstbauer
Chilliwack Certified Farm/Livestock
Four Beat Farm Naomi Martz Pemberton Certified Farm
Lost Savanna Farm Kris Arbanas,
Brittany Arbanas
Black Creek Certified Farm
Summerhill Gabe Cipes,
Certified Farm/Processor