Organic Food

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Why Buy Organic?

COABCIt’s smart for BC’s natural environment.

Certified organic farmers are committed to maintaining standards which protect the health of land, air, water, animals, wildlife, and people. BC Certified Organic food is grown and raised in ways that respect BC’s natural environment. Healthy soil, wise use of water, and a balanced farm ecosystem are hallmarks of organic agriculture. That means cleaner air, safer drinking water and healthier food chains, here in BC and around the world.

COABC It’s health-wise for you and your family.

Organic food is grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And that may mean it has long-term health benefits for you and your family. For example, a 2003 study from the University of Washington showed that children eating mainly organic food had less exposure to organophosphorus pesticide residues, which may be linked with neurological and growth problems. Click here to see links to some of the latest scientific studies for yourself.

COABC It tastes great!

From Sooke Harbour House to Bishops and other fine restaurants around the world, today’s top chefs seek organic food for outstanding flavour and quality. They’re not alone - over half of BC’s current organic consumers also believe organic food tastes better, according to a 2003 opinion survey commissioned by Synovate Research. Even some scientists conclude that organic food is tastier. A six-year study conducted by Washington State University soil scientist John Reganold found that organically grown apples tasted noticeably sweeter. The study was published in the respected British journal, Nature, in April 2001.

COABC It’s animal-friendly.

Certified organic meat, dairy and poultry products come from farms following strict standards for the humane treatment of animals. Organically-raised animals are fed a certified organic diet. They are never fed the by-products of other animals, and never given artificial hormones. And, for a farm to be certified, its animals must be allowed outside for fresh air and exercise. The result? Some certified organic milk cows have a productive life expectancy two or three times that of their commercial counterparts!

COABC Guaranteed Goodness.

BC organic food is purely natural - grown without artificial chemicals, hormones, or genetically modified or engineered organisms (GMOs). It is grown by farmers who care about the health of land, air, water, animals, wildlife, and people. BC-certified organic farmers are committed to maintaining these standards, and have the verification to show they uphold their commitment.

COABC Join a growing movement.

The fact is, over 50% of British Columbians now buy organic food some or all of the time. A 2003 opinion survey commissioned from Synovate Research for the COABC showed that 53% of British Columbians now purchase organic food at least occasionally. The majority of organic shoppers purchase their organic foods at mainstream grocery stores, although farmer’s markets and other direct-to-consumer sales continue to be important sources for regular and frequent organic consumers. Nationally, Agriculture Canada estimates organic retail sales will grow by 20% a year.

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