Organic Food


COABC strives to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly and consistently and that corrective action is taken as necessary.

How to submit a complaint

  1. To be considered, any complaint must include documentation of evidence and be received in writing to the COABC office
  2. Receipt of a complaint shall be acknowledged within 3 weeks and include a statement regarding the validity of the complaint and whether or not it will be investigated.
  3. Complaints regarding a Certification Body or an operator certified by an accredited CB should initially be directed to the CB concerned. A complaint should be directed to the COABC Director of Accreditation only when the complaint is not satisfactorily handled by the CB or referral to the CB is not considered appropriate. Document: PL59A Complaints against COABC Accredited Certification Bodies and Operators sections 1 & 2
  4. Complaints against the COABC must be directed to the COABC President Document: PL59B Complaints against the COABC
  5. For complaints regarding a former operator using the BC Certified Organic checkmark, please refer to section 3 of PL59A.

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