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Livestock - Dairy, Meat and Poultry Production

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The true cost of cheap chicken
In a tiny space a battery chicken has 40 days to live before it is slaughtered and sold for $5 in a supermarket.
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Electric Prod and Organic Beef Production
Throughout the history of agriculture and in all facets of animal production, the welfare of farm animals has been impacted by a variety of economic, political, and social forces. Organic animal production is impacted by the same forces, but responds to them from within its own philosophical frame of reference. Concentration and centralization of the processing industry and increased societal awareness and concern about animal welfare issues have raised concerns about animal welfare during transportation and slaughter. In both organic and conventional agriculture, the accelerating rate of change affects all aspects of production and processing.
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What's Involved in Certfied Organic Livestock Production - A Cyber-Help original
Scientific Findings about Organic Livestock
(Iowa State U)
Sustainable Poultry Production
Integrated Parasite Management For Livestock (ATTRA)
Livestock Health Management & Regulation (BC Min.of Ag)


Rare Breeds Canada (CHL)


Organic Dairy Farming in Canada FAQ (Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers)
ABC's of Organic Dairy Production (CRAAQ, pdf)
Raising Calves on Organic Dairy Farms (OACC,pdf)
Value Added Dairy Options (ATTRA)
A Transition To Certified Organic Dairy Cow (Fluid) Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf 287kb)
The Organic Dairy Handbook (NOFA/pdf 4 MB PDF)
Transition to Organic Dairy - Self-Assessment Workbook (NOFA/pdf 1.2 MB PDF)
Grass-Based and Seasonal Dairying (ATTRA)
The Economics of Grass-Based & Seasonal Dairying (ATTRA)
Maximizing Milk on Homegrown Forages and Grains (NODPA)
Organic Dairy Farming
Sheep Milking
Canadian Dairy Information Centre
Canadian Quality Milk Workbook Self-Evaluation Questionnaire & Reference manual
Transitioning To Organic Dairy Production (NODPA)


Finishing Organic Beef - Producers Guide (Organic Alberta)
Canada '09 - Benchmarking Study for Organic Beef. To apply for access visit the File Request page.
The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA)
Beef Farm Sustainability Checksheet (ATTRA)
Dairy Beef (ATTRA)
Practical Euthanasia of Cattle (AABP)
Economics of Organic Pork Production (Iowa State U. PDF)
Designing Feeding Programs for Natural and Organic Pork Production (UMN)
Considerations in Organic Hog Production (ATTRA/pdf)
Organic Pork Production: A Two-Litter Pasture Farrow-to-Finish Budget (ISA/pdf)
Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers (SARE)
Controlling risks of pathogen transmission by flies on organic pig farms (Organic eprints / 62 kb pdf)
Goat & Sheep
Bison farmingSustainable Goat Production: Overview (ATTRA)
Sustainable Sheep Production (ATTRA)
Bison Production (ATTRA)

Dog guarding sheep


I'd sooner be a small bird in a hawk-filled wood than a caged chicken on a factory farm.
- Simon Barnes in How to be a Bad Birdwatcher

Chicken coop design - a collaborative resource
Guide to on-farm stunning and euthanasia of specialty poultry and barnyard fowl [French only - Quebec Min.of Ag. Fisheries & Food PDF 1.4 MB]

Click here to get more information on this bookMeat Birds
Organic Poultry Production Video archive of organic poultry training sessions plus links to support resources (Purdue)
Sustainable Livestock Production (ATTRA)
Selecting Organic Poultry Breeds (Internal link)
Free-Range, Pastured Poultry, Chicken Tractor - What's The Difference? (B40B)
Day Range Poultry - Yahoo Group
Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture (SAN)
Range Poultry Housing (ATTRA)
Grass-Fed Chickens & Pastured Poultry
Pilot Studies in Organic Broiler Production (CUL-Sweden/pdf)
Photo tour of a Swiss Organic poultry farm
Ten Commandments for Chicken Growers (Acres, PDF)
Small-Scale Egg Handling (ATTRA. PDF, 2.2MB)
Free Range, Egg Layer (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Organic Poultry - Eggs (Acorn/pdf)
Alpine Chicken Tour - a look at innovative production techniques (New Farm)


Pasture Management
Energy-Efficient Grass Based Meat & Veal Production & Marketing Manual (TU/pdf 672kb)
Use of grass and red clover silage mixtures for milk production and whole-body N partitioning by dairy cows (IGER-UK)
Nutrient Cycling in Pastures (ATTRA)
Improving a System: Sheep, Goat Farmers Explore State of the Rumen (SARE)
Grass-Based Dairy Systems Prove a Water Quality Winner (SARE)
Assessing the Pasture Soil Resource (ATTRA)
Impact of Livestock on Soil (SAP)
Predator Control for Sustainable & Organic Livestock
Online Poultry Nutrition (a link page from MISA)
Nutritional Wisdom of the Body: Behavior-Based Management for Animal Well-Being (NODPA)
Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Products (Eatwild)
How to Calculate Pasture Dry Matter Intake on Your Organic Dairy Farm Webinar by eOrganic
Teach your Livestock to Eat Weeds (Kathy Voth)
Certified organic alfalfa pellets - Canadian company
Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers (ATTRA)
Organic Diets for Small Poultry Flocks (MbGov)
A Nutritional Guide to Feeding Pacific Northwest Barley to Ruminants (IOU/pdf)
Organic Poultry Production: Providing Adequate Methionine (ATTRA)
Productive feeding of farm animals: Free downloadable book (Library of Congress)


Alternative Beef Marketing (ATTRA)
Alternative Marketing of Pork (ATTRA)


Canada '09 - Benchmarking Study for Organic Beef. To apply for access visit the File Request page.
Economic Issues with Natural & Organic Beef (KSU/pdf)
Making Stock on the Farm (Weston A Price Foundation)
Cowpots - making plant pots with composted cow manure
Feasibility Study For Energy Efficient On-farm Poultry & Small Ruminant Processing Plants (CADE/pdf721kb)


Environmental Guidelines for Beef Producers (BCMAFF)
Environmental Guidelines for Dairy (BCMAFF)


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Guide for Organic Dairies. (2010, Cornell, PDF - 4.5MB. Provides an outline of practices for the management of external arthropod pests such as flies, lice, mites and grubs on organic dairy farms. Left uncontrolled, these pests negatively impact animal health and production. Note: US-based so check to ensure compliance with Canadian standards.)
Natural Calf Care (Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative - PDF)
Natural Mastitis Treatments (Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative - PDF)
Organic parasite control in cattle (NSAIS)
Management of pest flies on organic farms (OACC,pdf)
Control of lice and mange mites in cattle (OACC,pdf)
The Control of Internal Parasites in Ruminants (EAP-McGill)
Controlling Goat Parasites - Is It a Losing Battle? (Goat Connection)
Comparing Alternatives for Controlling Internal Parasites in Dairy Goats (C. Orr)
Cow Health - (W)holistic Animal Husbandry (NOPDA)
Cull-cow decision tree online (
Drug Product Database (Health Canada)
Stray Currents, A Primer for Livestock Producers (Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative - PDF)
Lighting and its Effects on the Welfare of Broiler Chick (BCOG/pdf 603kb)
Welfare - see our Animal Welfare page
SPCA Certified Labelling Program (BC SPCA)
How to Measure Animal Welfare? (NAHWOA)
Canadian Federal Acts & Regulations: farm animal slaughter & transportation
Homeopathy for the Animals (Glen Dupree, DVM)
BC Provincial Acts and Regulations relating to farm animals


Water Quality Criteria for Microbiological Indicators (BCMAFF)
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Agricultural Water Uses (PDF)
Protecting Water Quality on Organic Farms
Wellhead Protection
Best Management Practices - Robocow (PFRA/.fla - flash player needed)
It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's RoboCow. Able to leap tall silos in a single bound, this animated environmental advocate uses her ground-scan radar vision to detect on-farm perils. Like the best of all superheroes, she maps out solutions to hazards like improperly stored chemicals, pesticide run off and stream contamination.
Grass-Based Dairy Systems Prove a Water Quality Winner (SARE)
Filtration: how does it work? (PFRA/.fla - flash player needed)
Polishing Methods To Improve Water Quality (PFRA/.fla - flash player needed)
Protocols for Deriving Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Agricultural Water Uses (Irrigation and Livestock Water) (Environment Canada/192 kb pdf)

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Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
(Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

Livestock - Dairy, Meat and Poultry Production

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