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Greenhouse Production

Overview information
Organic Greenhouse Vegetable Production (ATTRA)
Organic Greenhouse Herb Production (ATTRA)
Organic Greenhouse Tomato Production (ATTRA/pdf)
Organic Plug & Transplant Production (ATTRA)
Transition to Organic Farming
The Weather Network Farmzone
Environmental Canada Weather Office - BC Page
14-Day Soil Moisture Outlook for Canada and Alaska
BC Evapotranspiration - Schedule Irrigation Calculator (Farmwest)
Calculate Your Corn Heat Units (Farmwest)
Growing Degree Days (Farmwest)
Biological Controls

Biological Controls: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America (Cornell)
Greenhouse IPM: Sustainable Aphid Control (ATTRA)
Greenhouse IPM: Sustainable Thrips Control (ATTRA)
Greenhouse IPM: Sustainable Whitefly Control (ATTRA)
Monitoring Fungus Gnats in Greenhouses and Control With Different Nematodes (WISC)
The Fungus Gnat Parasitoid Synacra pauperi (WISC)
Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops (ATTRA)
Potting Mixes for Certified Organic Production (ATTRA)

Greenhouse Design

Thermal Banking Greenhouse Design (SARE)
High Tunnels (UVCSA, Cornell, SARE)
High Tunnel Materials (eXtension)
High Tunnel Greenhouses (PennState)
Passive Solar Greenhouse in Northern Regions
Transforming Northern Greenhouses: A Report on Soap Bubble- Insulated Greenhouses (Yukon)

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Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
Soil (Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

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