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Animal Welfare

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Introduction to animal welfare Introduction
Organic production is based on principles that support healthy practices. By their very nature organically certified products ensure humane treatment of animals, making a mistreated, organically-raised animal the epitome of an oxymoron. The organic standards for Canadian farmers provide the working framework. This page is intended to give you information and access to more information that will help you take care of your animals, for their sake; for the sake of those who eventually eat them or what they produce; and so that you can proudly bring your care and work to the market with the Organic label.

Cows at peaceThe Animal Welfare Task Force The Animal Welfare Task Force of the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada includes a fairly complete library of topics ranging from housing and pest management to pain management and slaughter: good advice and assistance to help you provide the best care within the farming context.

SPCA The SPCA has been a pioneer in advocating for the proper care of farm animals. Organic certiication programs have found in them a natural ally. The SPCA is active in all Canadian provinces but vary widely in the extent of their involvement in farming. Currently, the two most active farm programs are British Columbia and Ontario.

  • Animal Welfare Standards chart: comparing conventional, BCSPCA and BC Certified Organic.
  • Further animal welfare resourcesFurther Resources
    Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare (FAO)
    Detection of Glyphosate Residues in Animals and Humans (Environmental & Analytical Toxicology)
    Comparison between Organic & Intensive Husbandry Systems - The Ethical Matrix Approach
    Canadian Federal Acts & Regulations: farm animal slaughter & transportation
    Animals on the Farm (Canadian Federation of Humane Societies)
    National Farm Animal Care Council
    Canadian Farm Animal Care Trust
    Animal Care and Handling Act (BCMAL, PDF)
    Vancouver Humane Society
    UBC Animal Welfare Program
    BC Provincial Meat Inspection Act
    Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities & Humane Slaughter (Dr Temple Grandin)
    Stress Down - Humane Handling (NewFarm April '04)
    Humane husbandry by Roberta Staley
    Guide: on-farm stunning and euthanasia of specialty poultry and barnyard fowl [French-only, Quebec Min.of Ag. Fisheries & Food. PDF, 1.4 MB)

    Electric Prod and Organic Beef Production
    Throughout the history of agriculture and in all facets of animal production, the welfare of farm animals has been impacted by a variety of economic, political, and social forces. Organic animal production is impacted by the same forces, but responds to them from within its own philosophical frame of reference. Concentration and centralization of the processing industry and increased societal awareness and concern about animal welfare issues have raised concerns about animal welfare during transportation and slaughter. In both organic and conventional agriculture, the accelerating rate of change affects all aspects of production and processing.
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