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The Certified Organic Associations of BC provides support for this site: encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

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The Business of Farming

Advice and assistance in running your Canadian organic business

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  • Farming Announcements
  • Our page of lnks to general online resources.

  • General Information
    Canadian Farm Business Advisory Services. access to a range of services
    Industry Canada A wealth of general business information
    Small Business Sourcing Guides for organic farmers: regulations, funding, stats. [PDF 66k]
    Young and Beginning Farmers: Business information site on farming. (AAC)
    BC Agricultural Land Commission and The Agriculture Land Reserve
    Alternative Enterprises and Agritourism: Farming for Profit and Sustainability Resource Manual [USDA]
    Rural Development Strategies in Canada: "the search for solutions." [PDF, 250k]
    The Business Of Organic Farming: Vermont Public Radio - audio.
    Information for Land Seekers in BC (LLAF)
    Information for Land Owners in BC (LLAF)

    Employees & Training
    Courses in Organic Agriculture (OACC)
    Student employment opportunities in organic agriculture (OACC)
    Organic Farming Apprenticeship Program Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm
    Farm Workers: BC Government Employments Standards fact sheet.
    BC Government: Ministry of Labour Information for Agriculture Workers and Employers.
    Worksafe BC: BC Workmen's Compensation Board
    S.O.I.L.: Organic Farm Apprenticeship Program
    International WWOOF Association: referral system for volunteers on organic farms.
    Help Exchange: Free online listing of host organic farms for volunteer workers / farm stay.
    Western Agriculture Labour Initiative: Labour solutions for your BC farm
    Good Work Canada Green job site for job seekers and employees

    * Acts, Codes & Regulations: for British Columbia and Canada.
    A Guide to Farmland Access Agreements Leases, Profits à Prendre, Licences and Memoranda of Understanding.
    Environmental claims: A guide for industry and advertisers
    About Agreements & Contracts in BC (LLAF)

    Finance & Insurance
    Federal and Regional Farm Grants - a wiki-site dedicated to making Canadian farm-related grants accessible to farmers
    Farm Credit Canada
    Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program
    Greencover Canada - Financial assistance with improving your grassland management, protecting water quality, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and enhancing biodiversity and wildlife habitat.
    Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization program - disaster and major crop loss relief
    Canadian farm insurance policies - The Co-operators

    Taxation & Estate Planning
    Tax Planning for Canadian Farmers (BDO Dunwoody)
    Estate Planning Checklist for Farm Families (BCMAL)
    Farm Succession Planning Steps And Checklist (Ont. MAFRA)
    Working Together - transferring the farm (CFBMC)
    Farm transfers. transition loans (Farm Credit Canada)

    First-time Farming
    Farm Start.
    To encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurial, ecological farmers.
    Farm Centre - New Farmer: Information to get started.
    Business Start-Up. For British Columbia.
    Landshare. Connecting growers to people with land to share.

    Draft Canadian Position on US Bioterrorism Act regulations: [PDF 62k]
    FDA'S Food Terrorism Regulation: Registration of Food Facilities Protecting the Food Supply

    Tools and assistance
    Free, Interactive business planner
    Interactive Business Planner Prepare a 3-year business plan.
    Farm map-making
    Planning and Assessment for Value-Added Enterprises (PAVE) Program: Assistance
    Organic Crop Tracking System: Techniques of record-keeping
    Farm Management Tools: Including spreadsheets, calculators and software
    Benchmark for Success CD - Assess the financial performance of your farm
    Budgeting Certified Organic Versus Non-Organic Budgets.
    Farm Advisory Services. Canadian Farm Business Management Council
    Farm Energy to facilitate successful energy business decisions (CFBMC)

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    A farm includes the passion of the farmer's heart, the interest of the farm's customers, the biological activity in the soil, the pleasantness of the air about the farm — it's everything touching, emanating from, and supplying that piece of landscape. A farm is virtually a living organism.” — Joel Salatin


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