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The Certified Organic Associations of BC provides support for this site: encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

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Listserve and Forum

The BC Organic Farming Listserve

Maintained by the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC), this is a forum for organic farmers and like-minded folk to post questions, answers and exchange ideas and share information in regards to organic production, marketing issues, current issues, events and more. It is primarily oriented towards practical issues related to organic agriculture in BC; however, we welcome participation from organic farmers and like-minded folks throughout the world.
A few examples of questions and messages that might be posted:

  • Wondering about the merits of a new variety of apple or carrot?
  • Sources of information about composting.
  • What is a good green manure to underseed in winter squash?
  • Announcing a research project to study a biological control agent.
  • To find out or tell people about organic workshops, meetings or publications.

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OACC Discussion forum

OACC Discussion Forum: an on-line meeting place for organic farmers in Canada to discuss topics of interest, share details on on-farm trials and experimentation, communicate and collaborate with fellow farmers, and share success stories or frustrations. This venue will also provide organic researchers in Canada with insight into the research needs and desires of organic farmers.

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