Logo options

The ‘Checkmark’ logo is the official mark / symbol of the BRITISH COLUMBIA CERTIFIED ORGANIC program. It, along with the phrase ‘British Columbia Certified Organic’, can be used to identify products produced in BC containing 95-100% certified organic ingredients, and are certified by COABC accredited Certification Bodies.
Operators who are ISO certified may use the Canadian Organic Regime logo on products with 95-100% organic content.

Who can use which logo

Products certified as organic by an ISO Certification Body (CB) are considered compliant with the federal Organic Products Regulation and may display the Canada logo if desired. These products may also carry the BCCO checkmark if certified by a COABC CFIA-ISO accredited CB. Organic products certified under a COABC CB’s Regional Program may only display the BCCO checkmark. Under the direction of their CB, operators may also use CBs logos


How to Use the BCCOP Official Marks

For more information about how you can use the "BCCOP Logo and Phrase" please contact your COABC Accredited Certification Body.
For more information about how you can use the "COR Logo" contact your COABC CFIA-ISO Accredited Certification Body or other CFIA-ISO Certification Bodies.

Contact your CB for more information about how you can use their logo.

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